How Much is an Oil Change?

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How much is an oil change at Ray Buick, Inc.? Costs can differ depending on the type of vehicle, the oil type it needs, and the cost of labor, however, a regular oil change generally ranges from $25 to $50

With the rotating service specials we offer on our oil changes, the price of an oil change can be brought down even further! To find out more about our prices, read on below or get in touch with us today!

How Much Does it Cost for an Oil Change?

The cost of an oil change can vary based on your Buick vehicle’s requirements:

  • Synthetic oil is typically more expensive than conventional oil, on average costing between $45 and $70. It lasts longer and is designed for high-performance engines, but it’s not required in most vehicles. Consult your owner’s manual to see if your car requires synthetic oil.
  • If you want the performance of synthetic oil at a lower price, a synthetic/conventional blend might be a good choice.
  • Service centers at dealerships will typically charge little more than the cost of the oil and labor. An oil change is an opportunity for us to prove that we can handle any service tasks you require, now and in the future.
  • If you have a new vehicle, the warranty may include complimentary routine maintenance–which includes oil changes–for a certain number of months/miles.

Why Get an Oil Change at Ray Buick, Inc.?

Getting service at a premier auto dealership like Ray Buick, Inc. not only comes with an affordable oil change but a variety of other perks as well:

  • Our experienced, certified technicians know your vehicle inside and out, which provides more peace of mind that your vehicle has been taken care of correctly.
  • If your vehicle is covered by a maintenance plan, your oil changes may be included at little to no cost.
  • While many people believe a dealership oil change costs more than one from a corner auto shop, that’s often not the case. Call us at for current pricing.

Get a Low-Cost Oil Change Today at Ray Buick, Inc.!

If your Buick car, truck, or SUV is due for an oil change, then the best thing you can do for your vehicle is to bring it into the Ray Buick, Inc. service center in Chicago. We’re just a short distance away from Palos Heights and we’ll change your oil and get you back on the road in no time at all. Schedule a service appointment online today!

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